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From PBX Systems for IP Telephony
All manufacturers base their IP telephone on proprietary design
schematics and circuitry, but there are common design elements across
the unique terminals. IP telephone basics include:
  • User interface
  • Voice interface
  • Network interface
  • Processor complex and associated logic
The accompanying diagram illustrates the internal design elements
of an IP telephone instrument

The user interface elements provide four classic telephone user function
interfaces: keypad for dialing numbers; a variety of keys for line
and feature access; a display for user prompts, caller feedback, messages,
and other call processing information; serial interface to allow
communications to an external device, such as a PDA, to allow synchronization
of telephone information; speed dialing; and customer programming.
An audible indicator (ringer) is also included to announce incoming

The voice interface converts input analog voice signals into 8-bit digital
word bit samples. Speech signals are sampled at an 8-KHz rate to
create a 64-Kbps digital bit stream to the processor by using a standard
PCM codec
C.I 18878408

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