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Internet Telephony Service Provider

An Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) is a provider of IP-based local and long distance services.
ITSPs use the public Internet as transport network between subscribers. ITSP services can be
accessed using any broadband connection including DSL, Cable and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA).

Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) services:
• PC-to-PC

Internet telephony calls are made using a free downloadable client or browser-based softphone client.
The client is provided by the ITSP and both the called and calling party must use the same client.
Example: Skype Client
• PC-to-Phone (PSTN)
ITSPs offer a PC-to-Phone service at a reduced per minute rate. The calling party uses a softphone
client to connect or call a traditional circuit phone. The provider must install a gateway to connect the
IP network to the traditional circuit network. The function of the gateway is to packatize and compress
the analog voice to be transmitted over the Internet. The gateway receives IP packetized voice
transmissions from the calling party and converts them back to 64Kbps, the traditional circuit
switched format.
• Phone-to-Phone
ITSPs provide a premises-based gateway to the customer. The customer connects a standard analog
phone set to the gateway. The packets are transported using the public Internet to the termination
gateway which converts the IP packetized voice transmission back to the analog format
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