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Hosted IP-PBX

A Hosted IP-PBX is a network-based IP-PBX. With this model, service provider have an efficient, profitable,
and cost-effective way to deliver comprehensive services to their customers.

A hosted IP-PBX solution provides a customer with access to multimedia services that will improve corporate
information productivity and enhance communications by the deployment of real-time communications.
These services include:
• Number Portability
Number portability is the ability to use the same phone number for both the wired and
wireless clients.
• Multimedia Collaboration
With multimedia collaborations, employees can set up "virtual" meetings using voice or web
conferencing, share files with interactive collaboration, and take advantage of rich presence
and instant messaging capabilities.
• Unified Messaging
Users have a single multimedia mailbox that gives them access to voicemail, e-mail, faxes
from any wired or wireless client
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