viernes, 30 de julio de 2010


The word "Telecommunications" is nothing but a term which defines devices and systems which is used to transmit electronic or optical signals across long distances.It is only because of this telecommunication, people around this world are able to contact one another,and they are able to access the information at an instant,and they are also able to communicate from remote areas.


The process of telecommunications usually involves a sender, who transmits the information and one or more recipients, and both of them are linked by a technology.Usually this technology which is used to connect thesender and a receiver includes a telephone system,for example,which transmits the reqired information from one place to another.

This process of transfering message is not only confined to a very small are but telecommunications enables people to send and receive personal messages across town, between countries, and to and from outer space. It also provides the key medium for delivering the news, datsa, information, and also for entertainment purpose,such as broadcasting live sports programmes.

Usually the telecommunications devices convert different types of information, such as sound and video, into electronic or optical signals.The reason why we use electronic signals for transmission is that it typically travel along a medium such as copper wire or are carried over the air as radio waves.

Apart from this, Optical signals are specially used at present as they typically travel along a medium such as strands of glass fibers or optical fibers.Normally when a signal reaches its destination, there will be a device on the receiving end, and this converts the signal back into an understandable message, such as sound over a telephone(where electrical is converted into sound), moving images on a television, or words and pictures on a computer screen.

For the transmission of the telecommunication message, there are a variety of ways used.The number of ways of sending a message and it also depends on number of sender and receiver,for example

1)One sender to a single receiver - point-to-point

2)One sender to many receivers - point-to-multipoint


In the case of the personal communications, such as a telephone conversation between two people or a facsimile (fax) message (see FacsimileTransmission),point-to-point type of transmission is used  transmission.

For broadcasting purposes we generally use Point-to-multipoint telecommunications, and this type provides the basis for commercial radio and television programming.


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