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Centrex IP

Service providers have providing digital Centrex to businesses for many years. Digital Centrex service
provides features that are similar to those provided by a premises-based PBX. Centrex IP Centrex leverages
systems enterprises currently have in place to reduce costs associated with buying, maintaining
and upgrading telecommunications equipment, protect against equipment obsolescence, and reduce the
time and expense of moving or adding phone services for a changing workforce. It unifies communications
that connect remote workers and locations, adding robust remote worker capabilities that help enterprises
increase worker productivity and improve customer service.
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Centrex IP reduces Total Cost of Ownership by:
1. Reduce Access Lines
Digital Centrex requires multiple digital lines installed from the provider to the business.
Centrex IP allows the replacement of these multiple digital lines with a single connection such as a
T1 or a managed broadband service.
2. Moves/Adds/Changes
One of primary advantages of Centrex IP is that moves, adds and changes can be managed by the
customer using a Centrex IP portal. A Centrex IP portal is a web based portal that allow an IT
manager do add or change phone feature sets.
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